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A play with young people

Arts Depot, North Finchley - Feb 1 and  2 2005

Based on a story by Murilo Rubiao

Directed by Andre Pink

Final Text Hong Khaou

Designed by Genevieve Mc Gill and Alkisti Mamali
Devised by Arts Depot Youth Theatre 2 and Dende Collective 

Strange creatures invade the peaceful town of Backwardville. What are they? Aliens? Werewolves? Dragons? They divide people’s opinions. Are they a menace to the town's customs or can they benefit the economy? Shall they be sent to the local Abu-Guraib hostel or made into minced meat? 

A fable about not so distant events performed by an amazing and talented group of 9 to 11 years old. Dende was resident at Arts Depot for 2 months to develop this show.