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A New Play from Brazil - European Premiere - in development

Once upon a time in a Jayne Austenesque South-American lust and sibling love in between Vladine and Matias bring turmoil to his marriage with Bianca. To top it all, Vladine who has come to live with her brother due to the mysterious death of her husband has brought her beloved Nataniel with her. This is a blind goat, which becomes the enemy number one of Matias’s wife, the tender Bianca or is it Branca?

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A New Play from Brazil - European Premiere

Amanda takes 20 seconds to realise she lost her hearing... Luis Guilherme wakes up and realises he has lost 5 teeth and broke 8 bones and Valquiria keeps repeating her mantra 'think of the sea' in order not to quit... Three characters on the verge of a nervous breakdown face the extreme!

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A Devised Show inspired on a novel - in development

In a 1950s radio station, somewhere in Latin America, Pedro Camacho writes and directs a series of novelas, radio soap operas, which capture the mood of the times as well as his own fascination with others. Witness both the comedy and tragedy of Camacho and his regular cast of actors as the stories gradually reflect their own relationships in ways that are both surprising and ultimately life-affirming.

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A Devised Show for children & Young People - in development

"The time I'm going to tell you about the client was a kid. Six years of age. Name of Simon. And I'm Stoffard. No, I have no idea either. They make them up a lot of the time, when it comes to naming an IF (as we refer to ourselves) kids really use their imagination."

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A site specific project with young people using Commedia Dell'Arte

"Anyone for LA BIBLIOTECA this way please. The John Rylands Library is very excited to have you here: we have discovered a rare book with the secrets of the Commedia dell'Arte: I Segreti Meravigliosi di Commedia Dell’Arte, by Flaminio Scala. I am very proud to show it to you today for the first time." It all starts as a boring lecture on this dead theatrical form, but mayhem starts when Arlecchino and co show up for real, steal the rare book and install chaos...

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