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Street Theatre For The Family

In the darkness evil waits / Hungry for our blood / But beyond the spirit gates / Lies a force for good / Demon that torments this place / Sink beneath the mud!

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Street Theatre for the city of Norwich

Make way for Exu - the trickster, Ogum - the warrior god of Iron, Iemanjá - the goddess of the sea, Xangô - the warrior god of fire and lighting and Oxum - goddess of rivers. All the way from Brazil and Cuba the orixás have taken the streets of Norwich!

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A Devised Show with young people based on short stories

Dende Collective and Contact Young Actors Company create a world where dark forces and evil spirits interact with humans and change theirs destinies forever...

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Street Theatre for the city of Great Yarmouth

Sea Creatures took over the streets of Great Yarmouth… Did they come in peace or were they invaders? Whose side are you on? Come and decide for yourself…

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A Series of Devised Events based on a novel - in development

Macunaíma, a native from the Amazon, was born black and fully-grown amongst his red-skinned people, becomes white and blond and finally black again. We follow the hero's misadventures from birth to death, as he chases after his lost amulet, which has fallen into the hands of a shrewd Peruvian entrepreneur, who in reality is a cannibal giant!

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