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Oval House, London - 3 - 20 Dec 2003

Oval House, London - 27 - 30 April 2005

South Street, Reading - 3 May 2005

South Hill Park, Bracknell - 4 - 6 May 2005

The Studio Theatre Leeds, Leeds - 11  & 12 May 2005 

Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham -  16 - 19 May 2005

Bristol Old Vic Studio, Bristol - 24 May 2005

"This is promising work from a young company who are intent on forging a unique voice for themselves… The evening has an endearing madness and a rare determination to play with theatrical form.” - Guradian

Supported by Arts Council England, Oval House Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith and the Brazilian Embassy in London.

OneFourSeven, devised by the company was seen first as the result of an ACE-funded research period of three months at Oval House Theatre in late 2003. It was re-worked to tour the UK in the spring of 2005 thanks to another ACE grant. Dende Collective showed its inventive type of theatre outside London for the first time. 

Using inventive design, which places the audience in the centre of the action, OneFourSeven takes place in the mind of a young immigration officer, Angelo Walker, as he descends into a world of waiting rooms and a journey into his past and future. The show is based on those tiny moments in everyone’s existence that are caught in between waiting for the grander moments of Life: birth, puberty, falling in love, ambition, marriage, death. 

Following Angelo Walker's non-linear memories, he descends into a premature end through the onset of testicular cancer. Using eclectic choreography, stories, absurdist humour and a powerful, inventive characterisation, Dende Collective’s OneFourSeven is an evening of polyphonic physical theatre, full of strange people, beautiful images, carrots, and lots of numbers. The play transforms a small studio theatre where the seats are removed bringing to life a multi-purpose waiting room using numbered stools and rostra. The audience sits in a square leaving an area in the centre for the performers. At the same time, there are four rostras behind each one of the sides of this square where the audience is seated that is also used by the performers. Thus allowing the action to take place in the same manner as a surround sound system; around the spectator. 

All props were made in cardboard by the Japanese Visual Artist Hiroe Komai.


Cast and Creative Team

Directed by André Pink

Written by Mark O'Thomas

Company Technical Manager John Sims

Touring Manager Daniel J Hale

Lighting designer Richard Godin

Set designer and props Hiroe Komai

Set designer Pedro de Senna

Sound designer Nina Perry

Costume designer Rachana Jadhav


Performers - Oval House R&D and run in 2003:

Akiko Sato, Bob Karper, Catherine Mobley, James Bellorini,  Michael Claff, Montserrat Gili, Nicolai Labarrie, Pascale Gillet,  Patrizia Paolini, Polly Lister and William El-Gardi


Performers - Tour in 2005:

James Bellorini,  Michael Claff, Montserrat Gili, Patrizia Paolini, Polly Lister and William El-Gardi



“Like the company's last show, The Piranha Lounge, this is refreshingly different 90 minutes in the theatre…This is promising work from a young company who are intent on forging a unique voice for themselves… The evening has an endearing madness and a rare determination to play with theatrical form.”

Lyn Gardner - The Guardian


"Director Andre Pink and the ten-strong cast delight in cross pollinating all manner of performing arts, from psycho-clowning to storytelling, from puppetry to eclectic choreography, to create wholly new possibilities for live theatre. Writer Mark O”Thomas’s fragmented text veers from absurdist humour to poignant insight into the minutiae of everyday existence. 147 leaves you in a state of delirious disorientation, unable to anticipate what might occur next, yet desperate to find out. Astonishing international theatre of the highest calibre.”

Jaspre Bark - WHAT'S ON in London’s ***** review


“The daring surrealist Brazilian theatre group, The Dende Collective, have created a wonderful new piece of theatrical magical realism with ONEFOURSEVEN… The play's message might be that life's a lottery but you're definitely on to a winner if you buy a ticket to see ONEFOURSEVEN.”

Sarah Monaghan - Theatreworld Internet Magazine